March 12, 2015

First Shadertoy

Graphics programming always seemed the magic dark side of game programming to me. It was a must to learn it in 90's to make a decent game but thanks to Unity and other game engines you no longer need to know the details. But it is still very cool to understand and code some shaders isn't it? I wanted to give it a try. I understood some theory behind it and to quickly get my hands on, I tried one of the browser shader tools, like the Shadertoy.

I made good old plasma effect with it:

But I realized trial and error is not the path to learn GLSL. Better to learn it with some OpenGL background. Since with the new OpenGL you have to write some shaders to display something. So I found this, this and this to check on. Lets see what will happen ;)

February 24, 2015

Hello World

Here is my first message for InsertCoin. InsertCoin is a game development blog. I decided to make a blog of my experimental hobby games and programs. You may find game projects on the right column "Games". Hopefully there will be 1 game per month. And you may check my profile on various game portals on the right column. They are awesome game portals by the way, I strongly recommend them whether you are developer, player or both.